Fontenays Finest


Bittered Sling no. 2 (Rosé Wine, Banana Brand, Black Walnut Tunique, Agave, Vermouth Essence, Champagne)
Summery, refreshing. Our self-made "Rosé Wermut" topped with champagne. 

"What is wormwood? Martini? A drink or a product? On ice or mixed? Having disappeared for a long time, we give full attention to an often underrated product and give it its own category of drinks. There are no limits to diversity and we show what really makes vermouth so special. "

Sleeping Beauty (mezcal, clarified orange juice, maraschino liqueur, dry vermouth, creme de cerise)
Tart, slightly smoky, notes of fruit and citrus.

Inspired by a classic of the bar world, the Blood & Sand and yet completely different. An almost transparent drink whose look he owes his name. Playfully involved, the sweetish finale of Cherry surprises and reminds in the glass almost of a small bloodstreak - as in the famous fairy tale of Walt Disney.

Gold of the Caribbean (Cuban rum, pineapple rum, green banana liqueur, coriander spirit, lemongrass vanilla syrup)
Sweetish, tart and aromatic, tropical notes.

A combination of Thai curry and tropical drink - but different than expected. With no juices and fruit salad on the glass, this drink shows that even potent drinks can be easily digestible. Here you have the Caribbean feeling even in the stormy months completely with you. This drink invites you to linger.

Atrium Lounge